Why BlueForest?


Blue advocates for oceans, while forest, for seaweeds.

Simple and straightforward, if we protect our underwater forests, we guarantee oceans exuberance. Seaweeds and even seagrasses can form small or huge underwater forests that host such diversity of life forms worth conserving. 




About Us


We are a group of young professionals in marine biology, marine ecology and/or physical oceanography who are in love with the ocean. Because we grew up close to shore and have scuba dive for several years, we have been witnesses of the rapid detriment of marine environments.

We decided to take action, starting with small restoration projects and hoping more enthusiast will join us in this journey

Get into the water with us!
Puedes ser parte de nuestro grupo de voluntarios, participando en una o varias de nuestras actividades. O puedes escribirnos para conocer más sobre lo que hacemos.
Share your thoughts.


Email: blueforestmx@gmail.com



Hacemos lo que podemos un kelp a la vez...


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